Ambient and Procedural Sound Design

Unreal Engine

Duration: 2hr 16m

In this course, industry experts Richard Stevens and Dave Raybould will teach the core techniques you need to get started in game audio design in Unreal Engine.

You’ll learn how to add audio ambiance to a scene, and essential techniques like looping, one-shots, and randomization, as well as how to manage occlusion. We then get into more advanced topics like procedural and component-based sound production, explaining how to use Blueprints to develop reusable and flexible systems for audio.

You will learn how to:

  • Create sound cues and ambient actors which can be played and controlled in a level with Blueprint.
  • Generate sounds and effects which loop, but vary in sound each loop.
  • Control audio playback using Blueprints.
  • Build audio systems that will play around a player or have spatialization.
  • Recognize different methods for building sound into a level and when each method is appropriate.

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