Arts2Work Conversation: Karo Duro

Duration: 11m

In this Arts2Work Conversation with Karo Duro, we explore the impact of Virtual Galleries, NFT's, UX Design as a tool of rebellion, and leading with Authenticity on your path.

Karo Durojaiye is a Visual Artist and Immersive Experience Designer pursuing HER purpose in Atlanta, Georgia. She fuses art and technology to craft emotive bodies of work through visual art, motion design, and immersive technologies. Her technical background is in computer science with a focus on Human Computer Interaction and Extended Reality. Guided by imagination and the spirit of innovation, her current areas of focus are Afro Futurism, The Psychology of Spirituality, and The Ethics in Artificial Intelligence. Her work has circulated around notable spheres both locally and globally including Carnegie Hall, Essence Fest, Vienna’s Desiderio Gallery. Karo is deeply fascinated by the divine nature of dreams, and the seemingly infiniteness of the human mind; this intrigue fuels her work