Becoming an Architectural Visualizer

Unreal Engine

Duration: 15hr 33m


The visualization world is moving to real-time workflows. This learning path will lay the foundation needed to begin your journey creating real-time architectural visualization experiences in Unreal Engine. By the end, you’ll have experienced bringing your data into Unreal Engine, applying materials and textures, working with lights, post-process effects, and some Blueprints.

This path has been made with completion of the “Getting Started in Unreal Engine” path as a prerequisite.

You will learn how to:

  • Import Architectural scenes into Unreal Engine with Datasmith from various external applications quickly.
  • Use the Material Editor to create PBR Materials which are highly realistic and performant.
  • Realistically light an architectural visualization for any time of day, or location.
  • Use Blueprints and Sequencer to bring your architectural visualization to life with new interactions.
  • Use built in Unreal Engine tools to optimize scenes and assets to run at the performance for your desired platform.

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