Color Grading | How and why we use FilmConvert to grade our videos

Of Two Lands

Duration: 5m

In this part you'll learn how Florent and Amberly made their first narrative film. There's a lot of great info in here that can be useful no matter what type pf project you're creating.

Hi, we are Of Two Lands, a French / Australian couple and content creators currently based in the French AlpsWe love creating content for brands and enjoy documenting interesting characters and places through the mediums of film and stills, as well as illustration. With now more than 200,000 followers across our social media channels, Of Two Lands started with the aim of sharing places and experiences with people, and hopefully inspires them to go and explore. Having a keen interest in visual arts and especially adventure and travel photography as well as filmmaking, we are always interested in good opportunities to work and collaborate with people who share the same passion. Our projects have included films, photos, as well as social media marketing both here in Australia and abroad. We are open to commissions, collaborations and general feedback, just drop us a line via email or use the form below!!