How to Film Driving Shots


Duration: 14m

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Easily one of the most grip and production-heavy episodes we've done so far, Valentina and the crew are tackling one of the most common setups in filmmaking - the driving shot. Today, we're going to teach you the most cost-efficient way to professionally set up a car rig.

The key word is safety - everything that we're doing follows all SAG and production regulations, and no expense was spared when it comes to the safety of our talent and crew. That's why we have extra grip rigging, ratchet straps, safety chains, zip ties, a whole lead vehicle for the crew to operate, etc. And of course, our lighting was controlled remotely and battery-powered to give the impressions of street lights, moonlight, sunlight, whatever the situation called for. We prepared two looks for this shot - one during the day and one at night. If you don't have the money to shoot with a moving vehicle like us, hopefully the tips about lighting and camera placement will be helpful when you are shooting other methods for car shots, like poor man's process.

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