Lighting with Red | What You Should Know


Duration: 6m

In this episode of 4MFS, we're painting the entire frame red, as we cover what you should know about getting exact color tones that you want. Especially with the color red, you want to make sure that the red you are capturing is the one that will be seen when it's delivered. This means creating a custom LUT, making sure what you're viewing on set is accurate, and obviously lighting deliberately with tools that make the job easier. DP/Host Kevin Reyes uses some Aputure Nova P300cs and Accent B7cs in his setup because he wanted to access all the settings more efficiently with Sidus Link to achieve the exact hue and saturation for the color red. The shade of red you're using can make all the difference in the emotion you're trying to convey, and Kevin walks through all of that and more.

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