Material Editor Fundamentals for Game Development

Unreal Engine

Duration: 2hr


Armed with 14 years of experience in Unreal Engine, Lincoln Hughes will show aspiring artists the basic ins and outs of the Material Editor in this foundational course designed to explore the fundamentals of shader creation.

The course has two parts: ‘Getting Started in the Material Editor’, and ‘Basic Master Material Development’. Each section has been designed so that somebody who has never picked up the Material Editor before can gain a comprehensive understanding of how it works.

You will learn how to:

  • Become familiar with the Unreal Engine Material Editor and its functionality.
  • Identify the various methods of using Material nodes and expressions to develop materials.
  • Recognize the impact of a Master Material workflow on material development.
  • Create customization in Materials and Material Instances using Material Parameters.
  • Troubleshoot materials with the Buffer visualization viewmode.

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