New Frontier: Storytelling at the Intersection of Art & Technology

Kamal Sinclair

​Storytelling is transcendent. Director of the New Frontier ​Labs ​Program Kamal Sinclair shares ​how artists are using technology and innovating the art and form of storytelling.​

Key Insights
- There are many ways to tell stories; extract the story you’re trying to tell in your unique voice.
- You don’t need to be an expert in everything; find great collaborators to tell innovative stories.
- Research and understand the deep history of new technology when developing your ideas.
- Be bold and courageous in your work; there are no boundaries.
- As a creator, you have the opportunity to contribute and find new ways to use technology, and to ask a question that hasn’t been answered.
- When selecting projects for New Frontier, the story and the story experience are most important.

Kamal Sinclair

Kamal Sinclair is the director of Sundance Institute's New Frontier Lab Programs, a consultant to the Ford Foundation's JustFilms program, and an artist and producer on the transmedia art project Question Bridge: Black Males. Her career began as a STOMP cast member and founding artistic director of Universal Arts, and she holds a BFA from NYU and an MBA from GSU.