Putting Lights IN THE SHOT? | Cinematography Hacks


Duration: 10m

In this episode of B2S, we channel our inner A24 as host/DP Valentina Vee and director Tue Duong walk us through “painting out lights,” a simple, indie budget friendly technique used by the directors of “Everything, Everywhere, All At Once.” Using this technique, Valentina’s options for light placement and movement are limited only by her imagination, as she doesn’t need to worry about the lights being caught in frame, and can supplement lighting where it would be otherwise impossible due to production restraints.

Editor Steven Clavijo touches on the importance of plates, what they are, and how they can open up a multiverse of possibilities for your post production needs, such as “painting out” your lights. Host/DP Valentin Vee stresses the importance of keeping the camera still, and opting to leave an ambient light in frame to ensure that there is visually correct data for the plates. Throughout the episode, Valentina displays various methods of how to light scenes with heavy shadows, or with windows present by using plates, masking, and other editing tricks to “paint out” your lights.

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