The Screenwriting Process with Emerging Writers

Sundance Co//ab

Duration: 5m

A short film is a great way to discover your style.
Focus on character. The story will evolve from the journeys of your characters.
Inspiration is the clarity that arrives after a long process, not a light bulb that goes off in your head.
It’s important to understand how your script is being received to make sure you’re properly communicating your ideas.
Watch shorts to discover creative collaborators (e.g. DPs, editors, production designers); reach out to the ones who inspire you.
Listen carefully to feedback, but ultimately your script should evoke the feelings you intend to convey.

Sundance Institute supports and champions independent artists because we believe their stories and perspectives are essential to a thriving, informed and connected society. We provide safe and nurturing spaces where artists can develop and share new work while building networks and community with one another.

Until now, this work has been done in live environments like our Sundance Film Festival or Labs. And our live events continue to be critical to our work. But we recognize that there are many exciting independent creators that cannot attend our programs in person.

Sundance Co//ab is our community platform for creators around the globe.