Tips for Beginner Director's

Simon Cade

Duration: 6m

Simon's shares his tips for how to be a better director. When should the director be practical or flexible? Do you know the purpose of each scene you're filming? Simon gives his take on working with actors, assembling a team, and knowing how to delegate to crew in different departments.

Simon Cade

While growing up, I often switched between drawing cartoons, playing instruments, or building various creations with cardboard and lots of tape. It was only when I picked up a video camera to make my first short film that I realised I’d found my new and favourite interest.

I currently live in Brighton and have found that working for myself allows me to combine all of my work-related interests – film, music, and analytical writing. When I'm not working, I try to spend as much time hiking, rewatching British comedy series, playing badminton and having barbecues in the park.